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Introductory and general courses

Introduction Seabed Surveying using ROV’s/ AUV’s (SK-ROV) Short Description This course is intended for engineer level personnel who will be utilized to either supervise operations (client representative) or be transferred to an ROV position within your company. ROV personnel themselves are normally engineers with electronic or hydraulic training but may not understand the actual survey aspects (equipment and procedures) of the proposed underwater tasks. This course is not trying to produce fully trained ROV surveyors / operators but to ensure that they understand the terms and procedures being used in the works and are aware of the equipment used and the good operating practices needed to utilize this equipment to produce data at the accuracy level required. We cover the installation of vessel and Rov equipment and explain the importance of offsets, calibrations and installation checks (as well as going into detail regarding certain equipment). We discuss the relevance of the installation positions on both vessel and ROV in providing the best quality data without interference. We give explanations about the different types of surveys: Pre- Post, as laid, as trenched, out of straightness (lateral and vertical) and spool piece metrology. Finally a discussion is tabled to cover the equipment needed to ensure accurate time stamping an the reason why it is necessary.
Minimum 6
2 days
  Price € 900,00 per person