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Introductory and general courses

Client Representative training Short Description Our Client Representative training, is an on-the-job training to master the Client Representative role and responsibilities. The training is intended for those with significant experience as hydrographic surveyor who now want to move into the client representative role. Part of the Skilltrade Hydrographic Survey Category B Course in practical Hydrography is a 5 day Educational Survey Project for which the Category B students have to work together and plan, execute and process a project by means of writing a tender, looking at accuracies, selecting equipment, mobilise, calibrate, sail the vessel, make a survey plan, collect the data, set-up survey software and computer, QA/QC, process, chart and report. Skilltrade offers senior surveyors the opportunity to supervise the Education Survey Project. Under supervision of our teachers the trainee will take on the Client Representative role during the Educational Survey Project. Under supervision the trainee will online control project procedures, equipment choice and planning. After that the trainee will attend the Education Survey Project on board (4 days) in The Netherlands to master the Client Representative role and responsibilities: QC role execution on board, supervising, processing and reporting. The trainee for Client Representative will receive tailored support during the preparation and execution. Training starts in March and November, depending on the Category B course schedule.
5 days in The Netherlands, plus prior to this supervise online control of project procedures, equipment choice and planning
  Price € 1.600,00 per person